Whanaungatanga – Our People

Before anything else, we are a people business.

Sudima Hotels company culture embraces a sense of family and belonging, where relationships are built on shared experiences and strong connections – our guests, our people, our community and our environment – all stakeholders working together.

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Everyone should feel welcome and safe within our businesses. That’s the heart of hospitality, after all. We are committed to being advocates for all our people and will continue our journey of creating a more diverse, inclusive and accessible culture

• Objective 1: Promote diversity and inclusion in our business.

• Objective 2: Remove barriers for people from diverse backgrounds.

• Objective 3: Lift people out of poverty and reduce economic inequality


We believe everyone deserves to be paid a wage that helps lift them out of poverty. In 2022, we calculated that we paid all our people a wage that was 12% higher than New Zealand’s minimum wage and nearly 26% higher than the minimum in our own business in January 2020.



Every person in our businesses deserves to thrive. Ensuring the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of our people is a priority. A healthy and happy workforce is great for our guests, great for our business and great for our communities.

• Objective 4: Provide support around wellness, health and nutrition.

• Objective 5: Make mental health a priority.


Lifelong Learning

Professional and personal growth should never stand still. We want all of our people to have the opportunity to keep growing, by engaging in lifelong learning. Whether their future path is with Hind Management or with another employer, we want to help our people reach for better.

• Objective 6: Make development opportunities available for all of our people.

  • Kaitiakitanga — Environmental sustainability

    We have a responsibility to protect, restore and regenerate the environment we live and work in.
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  • Mana whakahaere — Responsible procurement

    We have a responsibility to choose suppliers who operate in a sustainable way.
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  • Manaakitanga — Authentic experiences

    We are committed to reflecting care, respect and mana, alongside warm hospitality and kindness towards others.
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  • Ōhanga oranga — Ethics and governance

    We value economic well-being and prosperity for our people, community, and stakeholders. We care for and nurture their growth and success; when we thrive, the collective should too.
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