About Us

Sudima Hotels began as a family business and as we’ve grown we’ve managed to keep our friendly, family-focused culture and have remained true to our values. This feeling of genuine warmth and care – for our guests, our staff, our community and our environment, is what sets us apart.

We’ve built our Hotels on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Before every decision, every action we ask ourselves; ‘is this right for our guests? For our people? For our community? For our environment? Doing what’s right isn’t always easy. But it’s what we will always do

In today’s environment, busy-ness engulfs us all. The world clamours for our attention. Life demands our time. Because travel never stops, travellers are always looking for the right hotel to go to. And that’s where we fit in. Where we belong, because we’re people people.

  • Our mission. Our purpose.

    Our mission and purpose is what guides us everyday here at Sudima Hotels.
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  • Our Awards

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  • Environment, Social & Governance

    We aim to lead the way in regenerative hospitality and leave the world in a better position than when we started. This means recognising our responsibility to the environment and to the communities we operate in.
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  • Two fingers touching a black surface with braille on it. Two fingers touching a black surface with braille on it.


    Sudima Hotels is a New Zealand hotel brand that is passionate about and committed to delivering environmentally friendly and accessible hotels in New Zealand.
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  • Environmental

    At Sudima Hotels we’re committed to sustainability. When you choose to stay at any of our hotels, your decision is contributing to a more sustainable environment.
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