Kaitiakitanga — Environmental sustainability

Like everyone, we have a responsibility to protect, restore and regenerate the environment we live and work in.

Sudima Hotels is committed to kaitiaki guardianship of our environment through key sustainability benchmarks, targets and external audits to ensure preservation for future generations.

As a business that manages properties, consumes resources and promotes Aotearoa New Zealand as a clean, green destination, we take sustainability seriously — it’s vital to the future of our business, our people and our planet for generations to come.

Carbon Emissions

Reducing our impact on the planet starts with reducing our carbon emissions. The bulk of our footprint comes from the buildings we operate our businesses in. We will reduce our emissions by making reduction plans for all our operations, setting ambitious targets for the future and working towards eliminating our footprint.

• Objective 7: Enhance efficiency.

• Objective 8: Shift energy sources.

• Objective 9: Address refrigerants.


We are actively managing our refrigerants which have a carbon liability larger than our carbon footprint. We know the age of each asset, the condition it is in and the expected lifespan which helps us plan and upgrade assets with more climate-friendly alternatives.


Education and Measurement

Knowing what we are doing, how we are doing and why we are doing it will make it easier for everyone to commit to our Environmental Sustainability focus. Our environmental goals will be linked to management KPIs and tracking environmental metrics will become part of our regular operational rhythm, informing our business decisions.

• Objective 10: Measure our environmental data and learn from it.


We have installed solar panels at Sudima Auckland Airport. This is expected to divert 20% of our daytime electricity to our own renewable energy. We plan to roll this out across our other hotels and make it our new normal. This will help us on our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and reach our ambitious decarbonisation targets.


  • Whanaungatanga – Our People

    Before anything else, we are a people business.
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  • Mana whakahaere — Responsible procurement

    We have a responsibility to choose suppliers who operate in a sustainable way.
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  • Manaakitanga — Authentic experiences

    We are committed to reflecting care, respect and mana, alongside warm hospitality and kindness towards others.
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  • Ōhanga oranga — Ethics and governance

    We value economic well-being and prosperity for our people, community, and stakeholders. We care for and nurture their growth and success; when we thrive, the collective should too.
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