Manaakitanga — Authentic experiences

We are committed to reflecting care, respect and mana, alongside warm hospitality and kindness towards others.

As providers of hospitality, we have a responsibility for the way our guests experience our people, products and services, Aotearoa New Zealand as a whole. We aspire to create an authentic journey for guests that is grounded in wellbeing, sustainability, respect and discovery.

Te Ao Māori

The language and culture of tangata whenua are integral to the experience and understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand. We acknowledge our role as partners to Te Tiriti and see Te Reo Māori and tikanga as taonga to be cherished and shared with our people and our guests, no matter where they come from.

• Objective 13: Respect and revive local identity and wisdom, ensuring we learn from our indigenous cultures and embed Te Ao Māori in our operations.


Sudima Kaikōura is our first project with Te Reo-only wayfinding. We are integrating the language and culture of tangata whenua into our experiences for our guests.


Guest Experiences

By offering guests more choices and more opportunities to be conscious consumers, and by empowering them to put their wellbeing first while they are staying with us, we can create a more authentic and accessible guest experience. The options are endless — from opting out of daily room cleans, to healthier food options and yoga facilities, to offering voluntourism experiences.

• Objective 14: Ensure the guest is a part of the sustainability experience.

• Objective 15: Include guests in a wellness journey.


Our u-rooms in our Sudima Auckland City hotel are experiential rooms designed around the principles of self-care. We’ve crafted them to be a personal sanctuary for our guests. U-rooms come with everything you’d expect from a modern hotel room plus extras to help guests prioritise their mental and physical wellbeing, including a yoga kit so they can stretch out and re-centre themselves.


  • Whanaungatanga – Our People

    Before anything else, we are a people business.
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  • Kaitiakitanga — Environmental sustainability

    We have a responsibility to protect, restore and regenerate the environment we live and work in.
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  • Mana whakahaere — Responsible procurement

    We have a responsibility to choose suppliers who operate in a sustainable way.
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  • Ōhanga oranga — Ethics and governance

    We value economic well-being and prosperity for our people, community, and stakeholders. We care for and nurture their growth and success; when we thrive, the collective should too.
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