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Podium Dinner Menu


(available 5 to 10pm)



Cronut, mushroom pâté, pickled mushrooms, smoked hollandaise (V)   |    16

Grilled cauliflower and pickled strawberry salad, toasted almonds, strawberry vinaigrette (VG)   |    14

Soy marinated torched Ōra King salmon, cured cucumber, yuzu pickled kiwifruit (DF, GF)   |    18

Grilled Blueskin Bay queen scallops, granny smith apple dressing, pistachio praline, riesling foam (DF, GF)   |    19



Beetroot gnocchi, burnt sage and walnut butter, pickled gold beetroot (V, DFO)    |    26

Line caught market fish, spiced cured carrot, potato puff, saffron fish jus (DF, GF)    |    36

West Coast wild venison, smoked harakeke risotto, beetroot and pinot noir purée (GF)    |    38

Horopito ‘bush pepper’ grilled steak, purple kumara au gratin, horopito bone broth, dehydrated pickled onions (GF, DFO)    |    38

Te Mana lamb, kawakawa scented curry sauce, pickled Arrowtown walnuts, kumara rēwena bread (DF)    |    36


Sides All 9

Local seasonal vegetables

Hand-cut fries, aioli (VG, GF)

Locally grown garden salad

Homemade rēwena bread, hand-crafted relish (V)

Kumara au gratin



Caramelised white chocolate éclair, horopito caramel, Cromwell pear compote, vanilla ice-cream    |    16

Lemon and elderflower semifreddo, tarata gel, zested lemon candy (GF)    |    16

Chocolate mousse, Cromwell cherry textures, aero chocolate, cherry leather (GF)    |    16


Kids All 9

Ham and cheese flat bread pizza, fries

Fish n’ chips

Mini cheeseburger, fries

Garden vegetable salad

Ice-cream, crispy fruit sprinkles

Chocolate profiteroles



V = vegetarian    VG = vegan    DF = dairy free    GF = gluten free    VO = vegetarian option available

VGO = vegan option available    DFO = dairy free option available    GFO = gluten free option available

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