Rooms & Suites

Enjoy a stay at Christchurch Airport. Choose from any of the beautiful and comfortable rooms we have on offer, with prices that will easily fit your budget.

Here's our rooms

Short & sweet day rates

Making your stay a pleasure.

Looking for a place to unpack, unwind and relax before you head out for your day?

Our day rates are 40% off our Flexible Rates and available for all room types to help you get on with your travel needs. Valid for 8am – 5pm stays.

Please email or call our team for availability and to book. T&C's apply.



Read about out facilities

  • Airport Transfers / Parking

    We have a complimentary on-demand shuttle to transfer you to and from the airport as well as ample onsite parking.
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  • Check-in & Out Times / Luggage Storage

    Ensure you know the check-out times to avoid further charges. We have a luggage scale so you can be organised for that next flight.
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  • The Acheron Restaurant and Bar

    Indulge in a flavourful dining experience at Acheron Restaurant & Bar or enjoy a drink in our lobby bar.
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