We were the first hotel group in New Zealand to be awarded a Toitū carboNZero certification and have won awards for our sustainable achievements.

Part of everything we do

New Zealand is our home. And we know how lucky we are to live here. Tucked away in a quiet little corner of the world, Aotearoa’s beauty is unspoilt. We have a rich natural heritage and breathtaking environments to enjoy and explore. We breathe crisp, clean air and our lakes and rivers are crystal. There’s no other place on earth quite like it.

Every day we find moments that remind us of our place in the world, the fragility of nature, and our responsibility to protect it. We feel grateful, humbled and most of all, responsible. This beautiful environment is ours to enjoy – and more importantly, to protect.

Caring for our environment and promoting sustainable practices has always been part of our core beliefs – it’s who we are. As Sudima Hotels has grown we’ve held firm to our principles, instilling them in our staff and sharing them with our guests. We choose our suppliers and partners carefully, and support sustainable initiatives in our communities. It’s not always easy, but it always feels right – and the feedback we’ve received has been nothing short of empowering. Today our belief in the environment and our resolve to protect and improve it, is even stronger than it was when we first began.

Care without compromise

In building new hotels we’ve learnt a lot and we’re adding to that knowledge every day. Starting fresh is exciting as it gives us the opportunity to use the latest sustainable initiatives and products. From electric car charging stations and rainwater harvesting, to LED lighting and chemical-free cleaning products. Whether it’s big or small, if it can help the environment while at the same time making your stay more comfortable, we’re into it. You can read more about the ground-breaking eco friendly tech built into our newest hotels in the articles below.

We’re all in this together

As Sudima Hotels grows, our staff are the most important representatives of our values. Every one of our staff is involved in some way and each of our hotels has a dedicated ‘Green Team’. Their calling is to develop new eco-friendly ideas, seek out the latest earth-saving practices, and get behind environmentally sound community projects.

Recently they’ve been involved in local clean ups, tree planting programmes and helped to set up organic herb gardens for the kitchen teams. You can read more below.

You have to leave the world in a better position than you found it.

Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala, CEO, Sudima Hotels

Beyond our hotels

At Sudima Hotels we only work with suppliers who can prove their environmental concerns and credentials are aligned with ours. A good example is the lovely people who supply our delicious fresh-roasted coffee. They use only fair-trade, certified organic beans and the takeaway cups they supply us with are biodegradable and compostable. Our bathroom products are environmentally friendly too and our supplier takes back partially used soap bars and converts them into biodiesel and biodegradable building products.

Little is big

Some of our efforts might seem like token gestures; recycling partially used soap bars, removing in-room fridges and eschewing cut flowers. But over the entire Sudima Hotels group, these small changes make a huge difference. And over time they add to the substantial savings and impact reductions we make with larger initiatives such as energy saving air-conditioning systems and carbon neutral building techniques.

Worth it? We think so

Invariably it takes a bit more time and effort to go the environmentally friendly way. And it requires a lot of investment up-front. But we believe in doing what’s right. And if the feedback from our staff, guests and local communities is anything to go by, we’re not the only ones. You can read about the awards and accolades Sudima Hotels has received in the articles below.

Looking towards the future, we hope to spread the message and encourage even more people to increase their environmental awareness and reduce their impact. Sudima Hotels will continue to lead by example and raise the bar, going beyond what’s expected to not only protect, but to enhance and give back to the earth. Because we feel a deep responsibility to New Zealand and the environment. And we understand that we’re all in this together. In our beautiful country, on our little blue planet.

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