Sudima Auckland City, Sudima Christchurch City and Sudima Queenstown Five Mile are open at Traffic Light ORANGE.
We're 100% vaccinated. All guests require a vaccine pass on entry. For more information call 0800 783 462 or email

Airport Transfers / Parking

Leaves of plant in focus at front. Man in blue getting off yellow bus and crossing path with travel bag in out of focus background

The Yellow Bus

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation The Yellow Bus has temporarily stopped their service. Please make your way to the hotel by taxi.

A bus service called the Yellow Bus operates independently as a transfer service for the local hotels in the area and believe it or not with Auckland's traffic it can be faster than waiting to be picked up. Plus it only costs $12 for a return trip and will drop you off right at our doorstep.

Please note: this is a service operating independently from Sudima Auckland Airport and booking a ticket online is the best way to catch a ride with the yellow bus.

Alternatively you can catch a local taxi which is available right outside the terminal doors.



We have plenty of parking at Auckland Airport during your stay so you can just drive in and park where you like.

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