NZ Hospitality Championships 2017

Published: 1 August 2017

The New Zealand Hospitality Championships 2017 were held between 27th-30th July, 2017 at Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland. The competition was open to anyone in New Zealand and covered a range of skill levels, amateur to professionals, and ages from children to retired seniors. As such an all-encompassing and large competition it attracts the best talent in New Zealand.

Our Food & Beverage and Housekeeping employees from Sudima Christchurch Airport, Sudima Auckland Airport and Sudima Lake Rotorua participated and we are proud to announce that the Sudima Team won 10 Bronze, 14 Silver and 4 Gold medals across all the categories as well as winning the Cocktail Champion of the Year and the Wine and Beverage Service Class Winner.

Food & Beverage Manager & National Procurement F&B, Rakesh, from Sudima Auckland Airport was involved in the event as a judge for Café sandwich, Fruit Flan static, Individual cold dessert and Cold Entrée. “It was a delightful experience and great to see such talent in New Zealand across all age and skill levels. Team Sudima has made us proud and we plan to participate in more categories next year” said Rakesh.

The winners were recognised at the prize giving ceremony held on the 28th and 30th of July where our hotel managers and owners came to support the team

Our winners are:

Sudima Lake Rotorua

  • Kunal - Cocktail Champion of the year: Champion

  • Fazial - Wine and Beverage Service: Class winner

  • Kamal & Eldho - Curry Cup: Gold Medal

  • Kamal - Beef Dish: Silver Medal

  • Aroha - Bed Making: Bronze Medal

  • Angel - Bed Making: Silver Medal

Sudima Auckland Airport

  • Praveen & Rohan – Curry Cup: Silver Medal

  • Vineet- Classic Cocktail: Bronze Medal; Innovative Cocktail : Bronze Medal; Mystery Box Cocktail : Silver Medal

  • Kanyanat- Barista and Live Lattte: Merit

  • Iopu - Bed Making: Bronze Medal

  • Adriana- Bed Making: Bronze Medal

Sudima Christchurch Airport

  • Shajin & TJ- Curry Cup: Silver Medal

  • Brendon - Classic Cocktail: Bronze Medal; Innovative Cocktail and Mystery Box Cocktail: Silver Medal

  • Neil- Classic Table Setting and Wine & Beverage Service: Bronze Medal; Mystery Box Table Setting: Silver Medal

  • Polly – Live Latte: Merit

  • Mei - Bed Making: Bronze Medal

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated. We are very proud of your incredible achievement.