Milk Everyone Can Love

Published: 17 August 2023


Fresh, local milk that everyone can love.

Your family will love the taste of Happy Cow Milk and you can love how it was made.

Happy Cow Milk’s patented technology allows responsible local farmers to supply milk directly to their communities. Our farmers look after their animals, keep calves with their mothers, and implement sustainable and regenerative practices on-farm. Meet your farmer This milk comes from Chris Falconer's farm, Pukerua, located Waerenga, 60 kilometres from Auckland Airport. Since he took over the property nine years ago, Chris has planted 10,000 trees and fenced 30 kilometres of waterways.

Why our cows are happier

Cows are sentient beings with emotions and feelings. They deserve to live a happy full life just as they would in nature. We farm with this principle. It’s only natural that we leave our calves with their mothers. Calves drink first, and we take what's left. Chris Falconer only milks his cows once per day. It's not that he’s lazy; it means the cows spend more time grazing, resting, and chewing their cud, and less time walking. There are fewer sore feet and less stress for the cows and Chris.

Why our planet is happier Chris’s cows eat only the grass that grows on the farm, with no imported palm kernel, sprays, or synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. This old-fashioned, simple, low-intensity way of farming means it's not possible to overstock the farm. The negative environmental impacts of dairy farming are a result of having too many cows on a piece of land. Finally, our milk only comes in reusable packaging, making it easier for you to avoid single-use plastic.

Happy Cow is re-inventing dairy… because we know we have to change how we consume and how we farm. It is possible to enjoy great-tasting milk while also making the world a little bit better. That's why we say Happy Cow Milk is “milk everyone can love.”

"By supporting Happy Cow Milk we are backing local farming. Not only is the milk sustainably sourced but the packaging is reusable and the short travel distance from the farm to the hotel means fewer emissions and short supply chain. This support of the farming industry is crucial as farmers work to adopt more regenerative practices, which will make a large difference over time"

Kanika Jhunjhnuwala – Executive Director for Sustainability & Environment