It was dark, scary and deeply meaningful

A big thanks to Chris Orr from Blind and Low Vision foundation.

It's a very un-nerving feeling to be blindfolded and then taken around the room by a guide. But that's exactly what we all did last month when we had the pleasure of a visit from Chris Orr from Blind and Low Vision NZ.

Chris took us through the various types of low vision and causes. He came equipped with glasses which gave the user a snapshot of what one sees with various conditions. We were moved to hear Chris share his own story and journey with being blind from a young age.

Chris also shared ways we can help someone that may have low vision and needs help. So if you see someone out and about that may need help here are some basic tips:

  • Make yourself known by introducing yourself and say something like 'would you like me to guide you?'
  • Place the back of your hand on the back of the blind person's hand. This will let him or her figure out where your arm is.
  • Then, the blind person can hold your arm just above the elbow.
  • Make sure the blind person is a half step to a step behind you and either slightly to your left or right.
  • Keep a pace that is comfortable. If you're not sure - just ask.
  • Instruct the blind person to shift sideways or duck if necessary

Once you've got them to their destination, ask them there is anything else you can do to help. For more information visit