Autumn in Rotorua

Published: 8 May 2017

Autumn may just be the perfect time of year to visit Rotorua. A wonderful display of fiery orange and red provided by the tree life illuminates the town and the season sees the tail end of the summer tourist rush, providing a more relaxed atmosphere. The weather is still warm enough and events are still plentiful. With a plethora of geo-thermal wonders and lovely lakes all around, there are many things to see and do in Rotorua during Autumn, so to make your life easier – here are the pick of the bunch.

  • Cycle the Te Ara Ahi TrailIf you want to work up a sweat as well as see all the best geo- thermal sites in and around the city – the 46km Te Ara Ahi Cycle Trail would be hard to beat! Taking riders past spectacular areas including geysers, mud pools and steam vents, the trail itself is split into three sections meaning you can choose your difficulty. With Autumn coming in, the crowds are gone and the seasonal scenery is great!
  • Redwoods Tree WalkOne of the best attractions in Rotorua, the Redwoods Tree Walk in the Whakarewarewa Forest is simply ideal for an Autumn visit. Comprised of 23 suspension bridges equating to a 553 metre walkway high up in the forest canopy, the tree walk is both an iconic and eco friendly day trip for the whole family in the 100 year old Whakarewarewa/ Redwoods Forest.
  • Have a picnic at Centennial ParkAnother family friendly favourite, the close to 50-acre piece of land on the outskirts of town feature rolling hills and lush trees all around. Rustic, peaceful and charming, the park’s trees take full advantage of the change in season and turn the iconic and picturesque shade of orange that we’ve all come to love during Autumn.

  • Check out our markets!There’s always something happening in Rotorua, and our markets are a perfect way to see this. From the Rotorua Farmers Market to the Night Markets there is everything on offer from locally produced organic foods to arts, crafts and curios. It is such a great way to meet the locals who make Rotorua tick. Here are a few of the bet markets around town:

  • Rotorua Night Market

  • Rotorua Farmers Market

  • Sulphur City Arts and Crafts Market

  • Soundshell Market

  • Relax with Spa and Wellness Therapy

The rush of summer can take its toll on both the mind and body, so what better way to unwind and relax then with a therapeutic spa and massage, and which better place to do that than in Rotorua. We have mud baths, we have wellbeing therapies, we have got places in absolute abundance when it comes to rest and relaxation from natural sites such as the Waitangi Soda Springs to purpose built facilities taking advantage of Rotorua’s Geo-Thermal heart, check them all out. The one thing you can know for sure is that you will come away rejuvenated and refreshed ready to take on Winter!

Often underrated, Autumn can be a fantastic time to see and experience Rotorua. Be sure to book your next stay with Sudima Hotels and let your Autumn Adventure begin!