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School Holidays

Family time is precious; don't waste it by standing in queues every day of your holidays. We asked a few of Rotorua's leading attractions for their tips on beating the school holiday madness...

Rainbow Springs

Book your Rainbow Springs visit online to save time and take advantage of their special online offers.

Rainbow Springs recommend visiting earlier in the day, to beat the morning rush - they get busy between 9.30am -11am.


Agrodome recommend researching the shows you want to attend on their website and booking online. By checking the times of the shows you want to attend and booking on their website, you can take advantage of their dedicated entry lanes for online bookings.

Hells Gate

The pace at Hells Gate is a little slower, but it always pays to check special offers and book online .

Skyline Gondola & Luge

Luging is a popular event come holiday time, so the best way to ensure an enjoyable experience for all is to arrive early (open daily from 9am). The Luge is generally busiest between 10am and 3pm, so arriving outside these times should ensure a quieter visit.

With express queues for online bookings, it makes sense to purchase your tickets online and take advantage of their online specials.