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Adventure, Fun & Adrenaline

Rotorua is often referred to by locals as 'RotoVegas' because there is always something to do. Enjoy white water rafting down the Kaituna River or be a complete daredevil and try a sky dive at 8,000 feet!


See the beauty of Rotorua from 8,000ft; give yourself over to gravity and take a spine-tingling, tandem skydive, an experience you will never forget! Rotorua has a range of companies running qualified skydiving in the area.


Every year thousands of people white-water raft or sledge the mighty Kaituna River near Rotorua. In one hour, you and your professional guides will navigate more than 14 turbulent rapids. Your adrenaline-filled adventure culminates in rafting over the seven-metre Tutea Falls.


New Zealand pioneered the sport of bungy jumping, and in Rotorua you can experience this, now worldwide, phenomenon. Jump (head-first!) off a tower that stands 142 feet in the air, free-falling until your bungy cord saves you. What a rush! If that sounds like a bit too much, try the Swoop instead.


Yet another brilliant Kiwi invention, the Zorb is a wild and wacky ride (or roll) down a very steep, 170 metre hill. Climb inside the Zorb, a massive air-filled sphere and let the fun begin! For an added buzz, you can try the Zigzag Zorb or Wet Zorb. Read more

The friendly staff at Sudima Lake Rotorua are always available to help with bookings or to recommend an activity, just ask us!