Diwali at Sudima Auckland Airport

Chef Davinder Singh and his team have created an authentic regional menu. From the mouth-watering tastes of the North, exotic delights of the South, and exquisite flavours from East to West. Enjoy dishes like Sorche Mach, Murgh Kofta, Amchuri Nhindi & Pindi Cholley. 

8 – 12 October

$49 buffet


Tue 8 October – Bengali 

The Bengali cuisine originates in the eastern part of India. There is an emphasis on fish, and rice is typically served with every main. So make sure you try the Sorche Mach.

Wed 9 October – Punjabi

Representing the north, the Punjabi cuisine has many distinct and local ways of cooking. It is known for its rich, buttery flavours along with extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. Try the Pindi Cholley – its spicy and tangy. 

Thu 10 October – South Indian

South Indian cuisine includes the cuisines of the five southern states of India. There is a strong presence of spices, in particular, chilies, coconut, tamarindgarlic and ginger. We recommend trying the Meen Moilee, Mutton Sukkha and coconut rice.

Fri 11 October – Rajasthani

Rajasthani is a northern state in India. The cuisine was influenced by both the war-like lifestyles of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredients. Must try's include Junglee Murch, Gatte Ki Sabzi and Laal Maas.

Sat 12 October – Kashmiri

Also from the north is the Kashmiri cuisine. Meat, along with rice, is the most popular food item in Kashmir so make sure you indulge in the Rogan Josh, Nadir Yakhni and Pilaf.

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