Go green & save

Did you know that both Sudima Auckland Airport and Sudima Christchurch Airport are carboNZeroTM certified hotels?

So your decision to choose us as your conference provider is contributing to a more sustainable environment. We are always looking to further reduce our impact so our conference team will work with you and provide options that help achieve this reduction. In return you can enjoy a discount at the same time.

Get $1 off per person.

Remove notepads and pens from your conference by encouraging your attendees to use their devices and then share notes - it's that easy and in return we will reduce your cost by $1 per person. 

Get $2 off per person. 

You can reduce your carbon emission by giving attendees the option to either walk (if possible) / cycle or carpool to the venue and in return we will reduce your cost by $2 per person.

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